The practices of aquatic therapies cater to a vast array of problems, whether you are in the position of recovery, orthopedic or chronic pain, the use of water relieves discomfort and promotes physical well-being. It is the most important healing property on earth. Combined with skills and expertise of therapists, we will improve guests’ overall mobility and function.

Water therapy is an integral practice in traditional ancient medicine. This rehabilitation method has been carried out over centuries and is still highly valued in modern-day healing. We offer various forms of hydrotherapy, each full of therapeutic and advantageous effects tailored to restore our guests. With numerous approaches to hydrotherapy, varying from pools and baths to thermal water circuits and jet showers, proving there is a water therapy for everybody.

While receiving spa water therapy, we exclusively offer 3D Projector Mapping for our guests for interaction. With specially hand-picked tracks, the projection also aims to soothe and relax the mind and body of our guests while undergoing water therapy and help our guests be in a perfect mind-body state.

As toxins and pollutants slowly poison the body, leading to lethargy and ailments, this retreat offers a fantastic opportunity to get your body and mind back on track. Our water therapy is based in different temperatures of water bodies and health programmes to meet our guests’ specific needs, where it does not only re-energise and rejuvenate mind, but also improve wellness. In SPA.MII, we practise this treatment in water tempered between 33-36c, 37-39c, and 40-45c. The use of different temperatures of water offers overall health-giving properties, strengthened immunity, body and mind rejuvenation, and reduced inflammation. The heat offers pain relief and makes use of the body’s natural reaction to hot and cold stimuli; cold water to invigorate, increasing internal activity whereas warm water aims to calms and soothe.

Apart from that, there are still many therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy like improved metabolism, heart rates, and blood circulation, skin whitening, pore cleaning, removal of body odour and exfoliation. This luxurious spa treatment is described to give body a deep tissue massage.

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